11 Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services for Easy, Healthy Eating

Often after a long day, the last thing you want to do is cook for yourself—and thanks to the best prepared meal delivery services you really don’t have to (at least for a few days a week). Forget those wimpy frozen-aisle meals; thanks to an explosion of new brands, premade meals have gotten a glow-up. In fact, there are almost too many healthy food delivery services to choose from.

“You want an option that will allow you to have variety and can help meet any medical needs you have, such as being gluten-free, or preferences like plant-based,” explains Dalina Soto, MA, RD, LDN, a registered dietitian and founder of Nutritiously Yours and Your Latina Nutritionist. Figuring out how much you want to spend can also help narrow down the options, she says. Cheaper options start at around $10 per serving but tend to stick to the basics; more expensive options offer greater variety.

While cooking your own recipes (or subscribing to meal kit services) might seem better for you, Soto says that prepared meal delivery can be just as nutritious. “Many people have very busy lives and they need to lean into convenience,” she says; if it’s easier to eat meals that are premade, it might be worth trying. It’s also probably cheaper and potentially better for you than relying on takeout for the majority of your meals, Soto says, as long as you make sure you’re getting enough calories.

Getting hungry? These are the absolute best prepared meal delivery services to try now, from Sunbasket to Purple Carrot. No matter your dietary preferences, favorite ingredients, or nutritional needs, you may never need to slog through grocery shopping after work again.

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