A Very Low Calorie Diet – Benefits

Looking out for a healthy weight is all about holding your calorie consumption in check. But people who desire to lose weight are frequently difficult on themselves. The mathematics of weight loss is pretty simple, when you shed off more calories than you eat on a regular basis, you will lose weight. If you have attempted several kinds of diets in order to lose weight but didn’t get the wished for outcome, you need to look beyond the general weight loss diets. To maintain a healthy weight, you can go for a very low-calorie diet (VLCD).

A very low-calorie diet (VLCD) is a diet plan that is clinically examined and limits calorie consumption to about 800 calories or even lesser in a day. A VLCD actually results in replacing the usually-eaten foods with soups, shakes, and porridge comprising of milk or bars. It is commonly suggested for adults who require losing weight and having a BMI over 30 or those who are obese. Because the diet curtails on high-calorie foods, it should only be transpired under medical supervision and should not be done for more than 12 straight weeks. It can, despite, be mixed with a low calorie or normal diet every two or three days.

The normal suggested daily calorie consumption for men is 2500 calories and 2000 calories for women. Since VLCDs push the calorie consumption down to 800 or below, people going for this diet may lose weight faster as contrasted to traditional weight loss diets. It can, despite, be mixed with a low calorie or normal diet every two or three days.

Benefits of a Very Low Calorie Diet: VLCD plus helping in weight loss also assist to detoxify the body and lower blood sugar. It has many benefits such as:

VLCD enhances Insulin Sensitivity: Better sensitivity to insulin means the cells can soak the glucose directly from the bloodstream for energy. This aids to lower food consumption by increasing satisfaction and stops you from consuming more and gaining fat.

Aids to Lower Gluconeogenesis: Gluconeogenesis is the procedure through which the body incorporates glucose from sources that are non-carbohydrates, for example proteins. When gluconeogenesis is reduced, the body lowers the amount of blood sugar and consequently the storage of sugars in the form of fats.

Aid to switch to Healthy Foods: VLCD diets need you to prevent eating unhealthy foods that are filled with carbohydrates and Trans fats. When these junk foods are exchanged with healthy cooked foods and VLCD shakes filled with all the important nutrients, it aids in maintaining healthy plus shedding off weight.

Aids in Detoxification: When you are on a Very Low Calorie Diet, maximum of your solid foods are exchanged with liquids. This is important in detoxification of the body as the shakes and other liquids are filled with antioxidants that discard free radicals that damage the body. This detoxifies the body and reduces the stress levels.

To conclude, very low-calorie diets are best liked for those who are unable to lose weight through daily diet and workout plan. Despite, one should always consult a dietitian or doctor before carrying on with this diet.