Healthcare, education, and safety highlighted for Shaunavon residents –

The Town of Shaunavon has released its new Strategic Plan that will stick around for the next five years.

After months of work including community surveys, the Town Council put together the final plan to help guide them from 2023-28.

Major Kyle Bennett said there weren’t many major changes in this plan from the previous one that was finalized in 2017.

“Our biggest focus is still infrastructure; our streets, sidewalks, water, sewers,” he said. “That comes as no surprise because our main goal as a municipality is safe drinking water and to look after sewage and streets and roads. One of the bigger changes since last time was communication was a major concern of our residents and we did make some changes based on that. Not saying that it’s not important anymore, it’s just not a big concern. Which is good, that means we’re listening to the community.”

He added that healthcare is a point that remains on everyone’s mind and is a big focus point for the plan as well.

In a media release from the Town, it’s stated that the goal is to focus on socioeconomic growth, community inclusiveness, and effective governance through transparent communication, to offer the highest quality of life to its residents and support the needs of Southwest Saskatchewan.

A public Town Hall will be held in the fall for the council to present the progress of the new Strategic Plan to residents.

Paper copies can be found at the town hall, and it can also be read online at the town’s website.