Healthy Food

New nutrition guidelines for children aim to help schools prepare healthy meals in appropriate portions

Serving some 24,000 children each year, the firm said it hopes the new guidelines can further enhance both its in-house and outsourced meals.

“With the new standard, because of stronger understanding and the alignment of expectations, we will be able to find food providers who will be easily able to provide food of the quality that we need,” said the preschool chain’s general manager Thian Ai Ling.


Some firms in the catering industry are already gearing up to adopt these guidelines.

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation, which oversees 150 food and beverage providers, said it is actively encouraging members to do so and help boost industry standards.

“For infants and children, food safety is of paramount importance given their vulnerability in this age group,” said the federation’s council member Audrey Yap.

“The standard addresses this by looking at food and beverage (F&B) players who want to get involved with serving these particular needs, and to ensure that (food produced) is age-appropriate.”

Ms Yap said she is confident that caterers will be quick to adopt the guidelines as that would give them an edge in their business.

“With this awareness of (children’s) nutritional needs… consumers could be more selective, more targeted, more specific in what they want to eat, and also looking for a healthier lifestyle,” said Ms Yap.

“Accordingly, F&B businesses that step up to the plate and are able to address this sector very quickly, effectively and efficiently, will see a return on investment.”