Sagittarius Tarot Horoscopes: June 2023

Imagine your best year ever, dear Sagittarius. What does it look like? Your monthly tarotscopes—or tarot horoscopes, a combination of tarot cards and astrology—can help you focus your energy and become your highest vibrational self. Are you ready for 2023 and all it brings? Find out with your tarot horoscopes.

Read on to see what’s in store for your sign with your monthly tarot horoscope, Sagittarius. And if you’d like more guidance, check it out glamor‘s weekly horoscopes or consult the other zodiac signs’ monthly tarotscope.

Meghan Rose is an astrologer, tarot reader, and writer based out of Los Angeles whose work bridges the magical and the material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, careers, and everything in between. Learn more at and follow her on ticktock, Instagram, and Twitter.

June 2023

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Ace of Wands: Sagittarius, you may feel inspired in June to take action toward the life you desire in a bold way. Instead of taking baby steps, it seems that June will have you wanting to take wild leaps of faith in the direction you’ve been yearning to go in. I want to remind you that it doesn’t matter if other people support your goals and visions, so long as you can stay committed to the end result that your heart is calling out for.

Regardless of what you see online or throughout society at large, your dreams are allowed to look different from others. Instead of chasing a life that requires you to conform or abandon your truth, why not start wishing for a life of true authenticity? Maybe you want to make just enough money to make ends meet instead of bending over backwards to be the highest paid employee at a company that you no longer support. Or maybe you want to make tons of money even though your family and friends live modestly. Or maybe your goals have nothing to do with money at all! Whatever the case is, take some time in June to brush everything to the side and create a blank canvas to draw your wildest dreams out on. You may be surprised by what comes out.

May 2023

Six of Wands: Sagittarius, I see you being heavily praised in the month of May for the projects you created a while back—if not years back! The Mercury retrograde in Taurus is happening in your sixth house of daily routines and work habits, which means you can expect to be revisiting your past for the first half of the month. So create new routines and projects that allow you to live the life you desire, rather than perpetuating the life you have been living if it’s no longer working for you.

The Six of Wands signifies a chapter of victory in your life, and overcoming a negative habit is no small feat. Make sure to take time to celebrate this new chapter of your life as it begins in May. I see you incorporating more work-life balance into your routine, while also evening the playing field between you and your loved ones through acceptance, initiation, and maybe even an apology or two. Both internal and external changes can occur once you change your lifestyle. You could try a new planner to keep your work, social, and personal calendar all in check from May onwards because this month is sure to be one for the books!

April 2023

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Page of Cups: Sagittarius, it feels as if the month of April is going to be filled with sweetness and gentleness galore. Although you are not always the best for being kind in the way you convey your thoughts and feelings, it seems there are people around you who are helping you change that narrative. If some of your brashness has come from past pain, know that you are not your old stories anymore, my centaurs. It’s now okay to put down that heavy load and let it go. If you are willing to become more present and forgive yourself and your past, you open the door to be highly favored and heavily blessed in the month of April and beyond.

It seems many of you are mending a broken heart with new connections galore. So get out there and start connecting with like-minded people this month by exploring your hobbies and interests in real life. There are so many missed opportunities for relationships of all kinds when we stay in our bubble for too long. This month will encourage you to branch out and start expanding your social circle in a healthy way. Instead of searching for love in all of the wrong places, you may find yourself surrounded by the type of love that you have always desired.

March 2023

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Two of Wands: Sagittarius, you have a decision to make, and it seems it is being made in the energetic plane. If you’ve been on the fence about whether you should stay where you are or make a drastic change, your natural rulership over the ninth house of travel and exploration might come in handy. You are meant to feel free and highly excited by the life that you live, Sagittarius. Now is not the time to give up and lie down to an ever-changing reality. No. Instead you are meant to adapt to the different chapters of your life by releasing the old, embracing the new, and having fun with the process of transformation!

If you have been contemplating a move or change of scenery, you might take a trip during March or start scoping out new areas of town—or a new town overall. March is going to be filled with inspiration for you and your life. Start off by switching up your morning routine. Even something as simple as a new coffee machine or a different path for an early-hour walk can start to enliven your brain and body again. Once you start to step off of the hamster wheel, you’ll notice how the world starts to respond in a more receptive way towards you, blessing you with fun new connections and opportunities if you’re willing to take these steps. The world is your oyster, Sag!

February 2023

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Page of Swords: Sagittarius, this month is asking you to step back and start to recognize where you’ve been jumping the gun in your relationships. If you find that the things you feel are not being received by others, it may be time for you to work on your communication skills and finally bridge the gap between what lives inside of you and how it is perceived by the outside world. You cannot rely on beauty, wit, or charm to get you everything in life, Sag. Instead spend some time giving back to others and healing the burned bridges that you may have created on your quest to get to the top. If you are not able to make amends with people from your past, use your present for the betterment of society and dive into causes or organizations that you feel passionate about. Allow this month to be the pivot point in your story from selfishness to selflessness. Time is a finite resource and we must use it wisely, as we never truly know how much of it we have left.

January 2023

Wheel of Fortune: What a powerful way to start your new year, Sag! You’re being given a necessary upheaval from the universe, and it seems this is going to help you find a new identity this year that is more accurate. You are ruled by the planet Jupiter; with this lucky energy in fellow fire sign Aries at the beginning of the year, you’re going to reap its lucky benefits more than most. Take big risks and watch the way you are blessed this year. In terms of your career, it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you aren’t truly happy, my centaurs. This year is going to test your ability to settle down, so let me help you out: The answer is to take your life into your own hands and finally let go of the pattern of putting your head down. As much as you may feel that certain titles, accolades, accomplishments, and bank account balances are more meaningful than your sense of fulfillment, remember that there are ways to make money doing the things that truly make you happy.

Take some time away in January to figure out what your dream life would really look like. Journal, make a vision board, meditate, and give your therapist or a trusted confidant a ring. This is the year where all changes are for the better for you, but you have to take responsibility for what needs to be done in order to create actionable change.

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