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Swear By These 4 Desi Super Drinks For A Healthy Lifestyle

We have often been told to eat healthy, cut down on snacks and monitor calorie intake. But honestly, it’s quite a task. The commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle lasts only a few days. While many may believe that only a few can maintain a healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis, nutritionist Lovneet Batra refuses to agree and calls it a “misconception.” According to her, “When it comes to health, you need not look beyond your kitchen shelves.” The nutritionist has often highlighted superfoods and their impeccable health benefits. Now, it’s time for some Indian super drinks, which are an easy way to stay healthy.

Lovneet Batra says, “What we drink can be more powerful in making or breaking our health than what we eat. So, find your tonic and sip it.” Take a look at these “desi super drinks”.

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Here Are 4 Amazing Super Drinks For Weight Loss And Good Health:

1. Amla Ginger Juice (Smoke Antidote)

Wash ½ inch ginger and 2 fresh amla (gooseberries) properly. Grate them and squeeze out their juice. Mix the juice in one cup of water and the drink is ready. Both amla and ginger are known for their numerous health benefits starting from boosting immunity to nourishing the skin.

2. Shatavari Water (Hormonal Balance)

Boil 3-4 grams of shatavari roots in ½ cup water. Strain it properly and serve. Shatavari roots were traditionally used as a rejuvenating tonic to help women transition through various phases of life, including menopause.

3. Sattu (Muscle Strengthener)

Mix two tablespoons of roasted chana flour, 1 teaspoon of jaggery powder, and a pinch of black salt (as per your taste) in a glass of chilled water. Sattu helps to deal with constipation, prevent sunstroke, and control the cholesterol level in the body.

4. Wheatgrass Juice (Energy Booster)

In a juicer, add a handful of wheatgrass and half a cup of water. Blend it nicely, pour it in a glass and consume. Wheatgrass is a powerhouse of nutrients and its health benefits include digestion, boosting immunity and metabolism, along with eliminating toxins from the body.

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