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What 1000-Lb Sisters’ Amanda Has Said About Her Grandfather’s Murder

1000-Lb Sisters star Amanda Halterman is giving more insight into her grandfather’s death. During a recent episode, fans were shocked to learn about the starting family secret. Amy Slaton reveals the tragic murder of their grandfather, and now her sister, Amanda, is sharing what she knows about the shocking situation.

1000-Lb Sisters focuses on the Slaton family, and their journey toward a healthier lifestyle, and the ups and downs they face together. In season 1, the show focused solely on Amy and Tammy Slaton and their efforts toward their weight loss goals. However, the show has come a long way since then and now it also centers on the lives of their siblings. This season, in particular, of 1000-Lb Sisters is going beyond their immediate family and delving deeper into their family tree.


1000-Lb Sisters’ Amanda Halterman Cracks Open The Mystery On IG

Amanda shared a copy of the book that contains the story of their grandfather’s murder. The book is titled, Murder In The Heartland, written by Harry Spiller. The book features 20 case files, and the Slaton siblings’ grandfather’s murder is one of the cases outlined in the book. Amanda posted photos of the cover of the book as well as the introduction page detailing their grandfather’s death. Amanda captioned the post, “This is the book that @amyslaton_halterman referred to in the last episode of 1000-Lb Sisters. She mentioned our Grandfather Charles T. Ellis and how he was murdered by his eldest son.”

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1000-lb Sisters Amanda Halterman Gives Fans A Peek Into The Details

Amanda Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters

Amanda’s Instagram post showed details of the case from the book. It turns out the Slaton family tree is complicated. The Slaton siblings’ grandfather, Charles T. Ellis, died November 21, 1986, in Shawneetown, Illinois. In the book, his murder is referred to as ‘The Anti-Freeze Murder.’ Charles was murdered by his eldest son, who fed him deadly amounts of anti-freeze. Ever since Amy mentioned the murder, 1000-Lb Sisters fans have been enthralled with the details of the case and were fascinated to learn more about it. Instagram comments flooded Amanda’s posts with fans expressing their interest and thanking her for sharing more information.

Learning about the Slaton family’s surprising generational past has been eye-opening for the Slaton siblings, as well as viewers. The siblings have shared a lot of their personal lives on 1000-Lb Sisters, not shying away from the good or the bad. Their dynamic family hasn’t always been tight-knit, but they have grown a lot closer over the years.

Sources: Amanda Halterman/Instagram