Health Alert Abilene: Alcohol increases diabetes and obesity risk. Doctor Explains | state

The Big Picture: Dr. Puja Uppal says, “You’re hurting your brain & body!”

in the news: New research from Dr. Tianyuan Lu and team is showing that even light drinking can lead to diabetes and obesity. In fact, the study finds that the notion of improved health from low alcohol use should be put to rest.

Doctor’s expert Insights about Alcohol Use and Your Health in Texas

Abilene Health Alert

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Living in Abilene, the following health facts impact your health directly!

Did you know there were 8136.0 deaths from diabetes in Texas in 2021?

83.4% of you in Taylor County had a cholesterol screening last year.

16.1% of you in Taylor County have reported that your mental health is “poor.”

11.1% of you in Taylor County have diabetes.