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Why you should increase your core strength for a healthy life

You don’t need six pack abs, but you do need a strong core. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to workout your abdominal muscles

One of the key muscle groups that often get neglected during a workout

6 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Fitness Experts Avoid Eating

The pressure to eat nutritious foods and to live a healthy lifestyle is certainly nothing new, but recent trends that promote “wellness” have turned health-conscious eating into an even bigger industry. While increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, and

Diet and Lifestyle Habits to Stay Fit After 40

Welcome, ladies to the magnificent forties! This is the decade where wisdom meets vitality, and a zest for life intertwines with a desire for good health. As we navigate through this phase of life, it is essential to equip ourselves

Healthy Living: Migraines

(WHTM) — If you ever find yourself getting a migraine from staring at a screen for too long, you are not alone.

Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Emad Estemalik says it is a common problem.

“For a lot of migraine sufferers or