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California alcoholic liver disease deaths feared as COVID-19 pandemic increased drinking

Excessive drinking during the COVID-19 pandemic increased alcoholic liver disease deaths so much that the condition killed more Californians than car accidents or breast cancer, a KFF Health News analysis has found. Lockdowns made people feel isolated, depressed and anxious,…

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Iron deficiency is often missed in young women, girls, research finds

An underdiagnosed deficiency of an essential mineral may contribute to fatigue, brain fog and concentration problems in almost 1 in 4 adolescent girls and young women in the United States. Almost 40% of American teenage girls and young women have…

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Why I Don’t Eat Mushrooms

Mushrooms are commonly eaten among vegans and non-vegans alike, but many feel that mushrooms are not suitable for food. Below are a few of the reasons that I personally choose not to eat mushrooms. (Note: Before anyone starts jumping on…

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Daily Low-Dose Aspirin May Cause Anemia in Older Adults

People who take a daily low-dose aspirin may be more likely to develop anemia, according to a new study published on June 20 in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Researchers found that prolonged daily aspirin use increased the risk of…

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Raymond James & Associates Purchases 32,569 Shares of Elevance Health, Inc. (NYSE:ELV)

Raymond James & Associates grew its holdings in Elevance Health, Inc. (NYSE:ELV – Get Rating) by 20.1% in the first quarter, HoldingsChannel reports. The institutional investors owned 194,612 shares of the company’s stock after acquiring an additional 32,569 shares during…

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Small decrease in kidney function leads to poor health: study

A new Canadian study published in the British Medical Journal suggests that even a small reduction in kidney function could result in poor health outcomes for young people. Researchers surveyed health records from eight million people in Ontario from the…

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Canadians have the right to a healthy environment with the passage of new laws

Article content Changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act enshrining the right to a healthy environment have passed into law. Article content The federal government has been working on the legislation for several years, and introduced the latest version in…

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Study finds less social networking, better mental health

University students who limited their use of social networks to around 30 minutes a day afterward performed better on tests measuring anxiety, depression, loneliness and fear of missing out, US researchers reported. Other tests showed that they apparently approached life…

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Mayo Clinic Minute: How low testosterone can affect men’s health

Millions of men live with a testosterone deficiency. If left unchecked, this treatable condition may contribute to serious health problems like osteoporosis and lowered red blood cell production. [–> Dr. Gregory Broderick, a Mayo Clinic urologist, encourages men with symptoms…

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The debt ceiling agreement locks in Biden’s proposed defense budget

WASHINGTON — The debt ceiling agreement negotiated between House Republican leaders and the White House would cap the defense budget topline at President Joe Biden’s $886 billion request for fiscal 2024, a 3.3% increase over this year. It would also…

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