Healthy Life: Food. What should we be eating? | Blogs

What to eat? It seems like the entire world has an opinion on what we should be eating. Grains, meat, fish? Yes to all, to some or none at all? It can be confusing and overwhelming. Most people don’t have the time and are not interested in learning every little detail of each choice. They just want to be informed in a general sense and feel like they are making a healthy choice for their families. So how do we do that? I have found that testing out a little bit of everything has helped guide me in a direction that I am comfortable with. Everyone is different and for some people, making a hard and fast choice is what they are happy with. Not me. I prefer to feel like I live a balanced life.

So, how do I live a balanced life and stay healthy? I do it by following these three unofficial guidelines.

Limit refined sugar and processed foods

Does this mean that I never order a Starbucks latte or a hamburger? No. I do however make a conscious choice to only do this on special occasions. What defines a special occasion for me? Well, my birthday always calls for a sugary Starbucks latte. Fast food? Only after running a marathon will you find me consuming and enjoying a meal like this!

Limit meat and dairy

Am I a full vegetarian or vegan? No. I eat primarily a pescatarian diet (fish and eggs but not meat and very little dairy) Almost all of the recipes I make at home and foods that I order in restaurants follow this plan however very occasionally I will eat meat and/or dairy. When I do it’s because I’m at a restaurant or event that is serving something out of the ordinary and exciting. I refuse to deprive myself and I will try everything at least once.

Choose gluten free grains

My kids and I don’t need to be gluten free but we are by choice. I buy gluten free bread and pasta and try to stick to complex carbs instead of simple ones. I do it because we feel better. With gluten free there’s way less bloating and no brain fog, simple as that. However would I eat a warm fresh baguette on the street in Paris? Absolutely.

My rule of thumb is simple. Do I know what the food offered to me tastes like already? If it’s something that isn’t very exciting, unique or special enough to try then I can easily pass on it and stick to my preferred eating plan. By following this rule I find it easy to live a balanced lifestyle and never feel deprived of something I want to eat.

-Jennifer Florence