Lewis Hamilton Opens Vegan Restaurant, Neat Burger, In New York City

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton has opened his vegan restaurant, Neat Burger, in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood as he continues to focus on making healthy food more accessible.

Hamilton, who opened the restaurant’s first US location on April 17, has already enjoyed success with chains in the UK and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Essence reported.

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio is among those who are raving about Hamilton’s brand.

“Disrupting our food system with sustainable alternatives is one of the key ways we can make a real difference in reducing global emissions,” DiCaprio said in a statement, according to Sports Illustrated. “Neat Burger’s pioneering approach to alternative proteins is a great example of the type of solutions we need moving forward.”

Hamilton said in a press release that this is only the beginning.

“Since we opened Neat Burger, the response has been incredible,” he said. “I’m really proud of the boundaries we have been able to push in this space and the plans for expansion are really exciting.”

According to Sports Illustrated, Neat Burger uses plant-based ingredients and offers a variety of vegan options. The restaurant brands themselves with a “0% Cow, 100% Wow” slogan.

Hamilton is exploring various business opportunities. As part of his multiple investments, the race car driver has become part owner of the Denver Broncos in the NFL.