Healthy Life: 10 Better morning habits than scrolling on social media | HealthyLife

You’re sound asleep and suddenly your alarm clock sets off to wake you up for the day. As you reach to turn off the alarm, you grab your phone and start the day by scrolling through social media to catch up on the last 8 hours of junk you’ve missed. Familiar sound? This is my typical morning routine, but not for long! Looking at Instagram while our eyes are practically closed is the worst way to start the day. In the morning, we are the most alert and aware, so why would we give that attention to other people’s photos and posts? It leads to comparison first thing in the morning and wastes a lot of precious time.

So, here are 10 better things to do with your morning rather than scrolling through social media.

1. Meditate: You’ve heard it before: meditation is like magic. Starting your day with this “magic” will help you go into the day with a peaceful mind and a positive outlook.

2. Journaling: Journaling has no rules or expectations. The blank page lays in front of you waiting to receive all your thoughts. It’s like a mental detox. Starting your day with journaling can help you go into the rest of the day feeling lighter.

3. Read: Reading any book will help you escape for some time. You may not have time to read the entire chapter but reading even a page or two is beneficial.

4. Stretch: Start the day with some light stretching. There are stretches that can be done both in bed and out of bed which are perfect for the morning. Search “morning stretches” online and you will find lots of videos to follow along with if need be!

5. Make your bed & tidy up: When we feel productive right at the start of the day, we are more likely to carry the productivity throughout it. That’s why making your bed or doing a small tidy in the morning can be great.

6. Gratitude: Think of 3 things you were grateful for yesterday and 3 things you are grateful for today. Doing so will help you start the day feeling lighter, happier and more fulfilling.

7. Set your intentions: Visualize, state or write down your goals and aims for the day.

8. Plan: Write your to-do list for the day and make a schedule. This may not work for everyone. Some people may feel overwhelmed by seeing a list of to-dos right when they wake up. Others, though, may find it motivating as they know where their day is headed.

9. Listen to a podcast: Be selective when choosing a podcast. Aim for motivational and inspirational podcasts that will get you excited about the day. Stay away from gossip or pop culture content. Some of my favorite morning podcasts are: Kalyn’s Coffee Talk and Rachel Hollis’ RISE podcast.

10. Listen to an audiobook: Similarly to podcasts, choose a book that is inspirational or motivating. Self-help and wellbeing audiobooks are good options.

Those are my 10 better morning habits than scrolling on social media! Your morning actions are a direct reflection of how your day will unroll. Add more peace, productivity and motivation to your day by choosing to put down your phone and picking up a better habit.

-Melissa xo

Melissa Migueis is enrolled in Communication Studies at Concordia University. In the near future, she wishes to merge her passion for health and wellness, or non-profit work with Communication & Media. You can follow her at @melmigueis on Instagram!