Health Insurance

Ke Huy Quan Actually Lost His Health Insurance After ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’

To Huy Quan is opening up about the dilemmas over health insurance in the entertainment industry.

Just after he finished filming Everything Everywhere All At Oncethe recent SAG Award winner revealed that he lost his health insurance completely.

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During his recent appearance on The Late Late Show, To Huy recalled how during the pandemic, he was being good and “at home trying to stay safe like everybody.”

However, because of that decision, no other acting offers were coming in since his comeback role Everything Everywhere was being held for release for so long.

“I was about to lose my health insurance,” he revealed. “So, I called my agent and I said, ‘Can you please get me anything? It doesn’t matter, I just need one job to make the minimum requirements so I can qualify for health insurance the following year.’ And I could not get one single job. Sure enough, 2021 came and went [and I] lost my health insurance.”

After the devastating blow, To Huy pray that Everything Everywhere All at Once would at least be good, and he called a producer on the film to ask just that.

“’Can you please tell me one thing? Am I good in the movie?’” he said he asked the producer, who then told him to “’Just be patient. You just wait.’ The movie came out in March of last year and my life has changed.”

To Huy has since been nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the film.