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Nutritionist Busts Myths About 5 Common Foods That Seem Healthy, But Arent

Whether you are on a weight loss diet or aiming to gain muscles, its important to eat healthy. Most of us vow to ditch delicious cakes and chocolates and switch to protein bars, shakes and salads to inch closer to our fitness goal. From energy drinks to baked chips, there are a plethora of products on the market that are touted as healthy. However, not everything that comes with the “healthy” tag is good for your body. To help you make an informed choice, nutritionist Lovneet Batra explains how some foods such as packaged salads and vegetable oils can do harm to our body even when they are usually considered healthy. Below are the five foods you should know about before adding them to your healthy diet.

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5 Health Foods That Are Unhealthy:

1. Protein Bars and Drinks

Those protein shakes and bars do taste heavenly and are considered as a great option to energize your body after a grueling workout. However, according to the nutritionist, high protein content doesn’t necessarily mean that these products are going to keep you fit. Instead, she adds lots of protein bars and shakes that tend to be just “bricks of artificial ingredients and fillers” that won’t benefit you.

2. Vegetable Oils

It is likely that you have been told to fry those fluffy puris in sunflower oil and prepare dishes in soybean oil as these are healthier than other oils. But, as per the nutritionist, these are “no. 1 cause of health problems”. This is because vegetable oils are highly refined and rich in omega 6, which can accelerate the growth of cancer cells and blood clotting and increase inflammation in the body.

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3. Flavored Yogurt

Another food that you may have been enjoying since long assuming that it is not only delicious but healthy too. But the truth is that these tangy strawberry and fruit punch-flavored yogurts contain more sugar than a piece of cake. Yes, you heard it right. That is why, the nutritionist suggests, it is better to go for the unflavored or unsweetened ones.

4. Packaged Salad

Packaged salads are crispy, look fresh, and smell great too. But this is not because they are packed fresh, but because there is a variety of preservatives used in them. The nutritionist says that most ready-to-eat packaged salads contain high levels of sodium and fat which can do more harm than good to your body.

5. Low-Fat Products

Those looking to shed some weight instantly pull a product from the shelf if it has the “low-fat” tag. But by doing this, you are not always making a healthier choice. According to the nutritionist, food manufacturers tend to replace the fat with sugar in such low-fat products to make it taste good.

So, the next time you go shopping, keep these points in find before adding items to your cart.