The webinar explores how behavioral insurance can help advisors grow their business

Desmond Devoy of Insurance Business Canada, previews an upcoming Key Media webinar featuring Manulife’s Michael Dawson, director, Vitality sales and distribution, will discuss the first-in-Canada program.

There’s more to life than money, and more to insurance than just premium costs.

The Manulife Vitality program, the subject of an upcoming webinar, intends to see insureds getting proactive when it comes to their health and overall wellness.

And, back to finances, it can help with the bottom line for an insured’s premiums. It is a health and wellness program, unique in Canada, that is included in the company’s life insurance products that allows members to save on their premiums and get rewarded for doing healthy things.

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Insurance is evolving and requires a more comprehensive approach, with a stronger focus on building relationships with clients. The basics, like product information and quotes, may be available online. But they will need an insurance advisor to help them navigate the waters, and help clients find programs that best meet their needs.

While the welfare of the client is always front and center, there are benefits to insurance advisors as well when it comes to creating a deeper relationship:

  • Broader market appeal
  • More satisfied clients
  • Stronger relationships, leading to better business outcomes

The Manulife Vitality the program will also help increase client retention and business growth. Since it is unique in the Canadian market, it will bring with it market retention and will help advisors reach new markets through better engagement.

Behavioral insurance is the future of insurance, helping Canadians to live a longer, healthier life.

Keeping up with longer lives

Life expectancy, for both sexes, reached 82.1 years1 in 2019, and will continue to rise in the years to come2. By 2040, seniors are expected to account for almost 25% of the population3. Such longevity would seem like a dream for generations gone by.

But there are challenges that come with that longevity. A person aged 65 can expect to live an additional 21 years. However, research suggests that only 15 of those 21 years will be lived in full health3. Chronic diseases leave 73% of seniors living with some degree of disability3.

Even among non-seniors, adult Canadians over the age of 20, about 44% live with a chronic disease4. All told, 60% of all deaths in Canada are the result of four chronic diseases3 – cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases.

However, these types of diseases can be delayed or mitigated through changes in behavior.

Some of the changes, espoused by the Vitality program, are not new (leading a tobacco-free life, with moderate alcohol consumption.) Other steps can include getting vaccines, having a healthy diet and exercising. Health screening, early detection and prompt intervention, are also part of the program.

The program offers life insurance products tied to health promotion and provides clients with attractive incentives for adopting an active lifestyle, access to a broad range of health and wellness promotion options and value through earned premium savings and rewards. This move from static to dynamic pricing offers the potential for more efficient priced premiums that can result in savings for the policyholder.

And the Manulife Vitality the works5 program!

  • 11% of members had reduced their BMI
  • 23% had improved their cholesterol levels
  • 28% had improved their glucose level
  • 29% had lowered their blood pressure
  • 82% of members said they were satisfied with the program – a measure that continues to climb each year

Join Manulife’s Michael Dawson, director, Vitality sales and distribution, as he talks more about this innovative product during her upcoming February 28 webinar.

Founded in 1881, Manulife is the largest insurance company in Canada.

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