Health Insurance

House votes to override Gov. Burgum’s veto on the health insurance bill

(KXNET) — Governor Doug Burgum used his veto power to try and kill a plan relating to health insurance plans.

On Monday, House Bill 1416 was brought back, and lawmakers voted unanimously to override that veto.

The bill seeks to create freedom of choice for people looking for a health insurance plan and says that a health insurance company (including Medicaid) may not obstruct a person’s choice by excluding a provider who is both within a person’s coverage area and qualified to oversee a person’s health plan.

“We have integrated healthcare systems in our state,” explained Rep. Jim Kasper, ” where one company owns the insurance company and owns the provider network all over the state and is continuing to gobble up provider networks all over the state. We’ve got to be able to allow our citizens to have access to the healthcare they want.”

The bill now heads to the Senate for another vote.